We've setup a JSON API that lists all of the courses on our courses page and their details. You can use this API to list OpenLearning courses on your website. 

API Method (GET):

curl -f http://thaioptometrists.com/?ver=api/courses/list?type=free,paid

GET Parameters:


Any combination of the following (separated by a comma)

  • free
  • paid
  • private

Example Output:

    "courses": [
            "category": "Business and Economics",
            "courseUrl": "http://thaioptometrists.com/?ver=courses/GlobalEntrepreneurship",
            "creator": {
                "fullName": "Mushtak Al-Atabi",
                "imageUrl": "https://openlearning-cdn.s3.amazonaws.com/mushtak-avatar-48-ts1364656940.jpg",
                "karma": 9625,
                "profileUrl": "http://thaioptometrists.com/?ver=u/mushtak"
            "duration": "0 weeks",
            "image": "https://openlearning-cdn.s3.amazonaws.com/course__courses_GlobalEntrepreneurship__course-promo-image-1396145983.12.jpg",
            "name": "Global Entrepreneurship",
            "price": 0,
            "promoMediaUrl": "#"pageFooter">