Awaken Beautifully Organic Medicinal Farms: Where Food is Medicine!

We are a life transforming, medicinal operation that has organic farms, herbal dispensaries, and farm bistros, where were grow and sell food as medicine. We are also a cannabis advocacy operation, and seek to inform humanity about the power of power plants, and herbs! We train New Farmers online, and provide them with online support, transforming curricula, and field experiences to began a dynamic farming operation.

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We are holistic, dynamic, and spiraling in nature. Our course are designed to bring about a depth of thought in our students, high levels of reflection, and meaningful engagement. Our teachers are farmers themselves, and seek to connect with their students by fostering an authentic, supporting relationship.

Dr Assata Ma'at

Hi World & Students!  I am a Doctor turned Radical Farmer that loves what I do. I traded the illusion of comfort to do something meaningful and deeply fulfillin...